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ChoiceScript is a small language written by Dan Fabulich for running multiple choice games.

This is a fork of that project that attempts to bring easier development (especially if you are from a Mac/Unix dev background) to the language.


Provided you have npm on your system, run:

$ npm install -g choicescript

That's it.


To create a new game simply run:

$ choicescript new MyAwesomeGame intro_scene,ending

This will create the following project in your current directory (you can omit intro_scene,ending, some sample vignettes will be generated for you):

  |- game.js
  `- scenes/
      |- intro_scene.txt
      |- ending.txt
      `- choicescript_stats.txt

You can open up your folder and write your game. To run it in a browser use:

$ choicescript server

in the project directory. This will (by default) start your game at http://localhost:3030/.

To test that your game works you can use two types of automated testing:

$ choicescript quicktest
$ choicescript randomtest

This runs them both:

$ choicescript test 

Finally remember that you can get help on all the various command and options by typing:

$ choicescript -h

or for any command:

$ choicescript COMMAND -h