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chimney consumes logs to keep you warm.

~~ chimney ~~         Keeps you warm.

       cold? Freezing? KEEP
         ~YOURSELF WARM~
            with a
        s0othing CHIMNEY

                        -- WHAT -
  ANSI escape sequence animation of
  an ASCII fire which intensity is
  modulated by the amount of
  (console) logs you feed into it.
                        -- HOW --
  You could set up your chimney with
  npm by doing:
  $ npm install -g chimney
  And then just go to your project,
  and type:
  $ chimney path/to/your/files

                        -- WAIT --
  Add a chimney to your build process
  to burn the logs before you minify.

  chimney = require('chimney');

    function('.', function(code) {

      // code is stripped from any
      // logs.

Michael Sokol.