Polyglot Server Application Running

Chief is designed to do one thing: run applications on AWS.

Note This project is part of binary-fusion and aspects from that project may leak into this one.

  • chief may become the application container for BF
  • node.js core is focused on performance, and libuv makes coordinating multiple subprocesses extremely easy
  • upstart runs chief
  • chief runs the application
  • environment variables are loaded in via EC2 user-data
  • polyglot Procfile application server
  • obtain environment dynamically
  • produce individual log files
  • an upstart script is provided under ${GENERAL_HOME}/share/upstart.conf
    • this should be installed on your EC2 image at /etc/init/chief.conf
    • the script should auto-start
  • the application must be deployed at /home/ubuntu/bundle and Procfile at /home/ubuntu/bundle/Procfile
  • configure upstart script
  • support scaling processes, i.e. web=2,api=2
  • RESTful interface
    • control process scaling
    • get/set environment