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Reusable data visualization components for Chiasm.

The beginnings of this library are explained in this video tutorial: Introduction to Chiasm. This video tutorial ends with this code example: Reactive Mixins for Visualizations.


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Interactive Scatter Plot with selectable X, Y columns.
Chiasm-Charts v0.1.0


To get set up with your development, clone this repository and install dependencies with these commands.

git clone
cd chiasm-charts
npm install

After that, you can launch the visual test suite with the command:

npm run serve-tests

This will launch an instance of live-server, which will automatically re-load the page every time you build the test application bundle. To build the bundle, run

npm run build

This will build the test application, which you can then inspect in the browser window open to the visual test page. This serves as the unit test suite for chiasm-charts.