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Chia Fee Estimator

This module provides functionalities to estimate transaction fees in the Chia network. It's designed with flexibility to work with different configurations and also provides a fallback mechanism when the full node is unreachable.


The module retrieves the current fee estimate from a Chia full node. If the estimate exceeds certain thresholds or if the full node is unavailable, it falls back to a default fee provided in the configuration.

Note: For an accurate fee estimate, ensure you are running the Chia FullNode. If the FullNode is not running or is unreachable, the estimator will fallback to the default fee.

Default Configuration

The module comes pre-configured with the following settings:

  full_node_host: "https://localhost:8555",
  certificate_folder_path: "~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl",
  default_fee: 300_000_000, // This represents 0.0003 XCH

You can effortlessly override this configuration using the configure function.

Environment Variables

The module also offers the flexibility to use Chia certificates and keys from environment variables:

  • CHIA_CERT_BASE64: Base64 encoded Chia certificate.
  • CHIA_KEY_BASE64: Base64 encoded Chia private key.

If these environment variables are set, the module will use them; otherwise, it will resort to using certificate and key files from the specified directory.



Fetches the current fee estimate from a Chia full node:

  • config: An optional configuration object. If not provided, the function will use the current configuration of the module.

Returns the estimated fee in mojos.


Updates the current configuration of the module:

  • newConfig: The configuration object containing the keys to be updated.


Fetching the current fee estimate:

const chiaFeeEstimator = require('chia-fee-estimator');

(async () => {
  const fee = await chiaFeeEstimator.getFeeEstimate();
  console.log(`Current fee estimate: ${fee} mojos`);

Errors & Logging

The module logs information and errors to the console during its operations. Ensure to check the logs for any issues related to fetching the fee estimate.

Support the Project

If you found this tool helpful, consider donating to support the development of more Chia Datalayer Tools.

Donation address: xch1es9faez5evlvdyfjdjth40fazfm3c9gptds0reuhryf30y3kl67qtcsc83

Your support is greatly appreciated!



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