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    Check Dependency Lists

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    Check dependency lists are all in sync. This script checks the package.json file against both the installed dependencies and the npm-shrinkwrap.json file to make sure that they are all in sync and that all dependencies match the expected version ranges.


    The function takes an options object which can contain

    • rootDir - a relative path to the roo of the project; this should be the location of your package.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json files.
    • callback - A function to be called once the check is complete. An error will be provided as the only parameter if dependency mismatches are detected.
      • If the callback is not provided, an exception will be thrown on mismatch.


    The check can be run using the example directory.

    For example, if lodash were installed without being saved to the package.json file or shrinkwrapped, the following output would be produced.

    > $ node example
    There are dependencies which are not present in all dependency lists
                "packagejson": null,
                "npmshrinkwrap": null,
    [Error: Dependency check failed]

    Adding as a linting task

    This check can been added as part of your build or linting tasks to cause a failure when dependencies are not in sync.

    var checkDependencyLists = require('check-dependency-lists');
    gulp.task('dependency-lint', function() {
      return checkDependencyLists({
        rootDir: '../'


    npm i check-dependency-lists

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