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Command line tools for commit validation with regular expressions suitable for husky.


check-commit requires Node 6+. Add check-commit and husky to your project:

npm install check-commit husky --save-dev

Then enable commit branch name validation by adding this your package.json file:

  "scripts": {
    "precommit": "check-commit-branch"
  "config": {
    "checkCommit": {
      "branch": "^feature/\\w+$"

Now you can only commit on branches that satisfy the pattern feature/<identifier>


npm install check-commit --save-dev

will locally install a binary check-commit-branch which is then available to your package.json scripts.

check-commit-branch will evaluate the config.checkCommit.branch key of your package.json file. The following configuration formats are supported:

  • Simple regular expression

    "branch": "<RegExp>"

    Only allow commits if the current branch satisfies <RegExp>.

  • Array of regular expressions

    "branch": ["<RegExp1>", "<RegExp2>", "<RegExp3>"]

    Only allow commits if the current branch satisfies either of the regular expressions <RegExp1>, <RegExp2> or <RegExp3>.

  • Array of validation rules

    "branch": [
        test: "<RegExp1>",
        forbid: "<ForbiddenRegExp1>",
        reason: "Lovely commits need to be cool"
        test: "<RegExp2>",
        require: "<RequiredRegExp2>",
        reason: "Cool commits need to be lovely"

    In the previous case, you can replace regular expressions by validation rules. Validation rule objects can have the following fields:

    • test (mandatory): This rule only applies to branches which satisfy this regular expression. A branch can only be valid if it satisfies at least one rule.
    • require (optional): An additional regular expression that needs to be satisfied by branches satisfying test
    • forbid (optional): An additional regular expression that branches that satisfy test must not satisfy
    • reason (optional): A description why this rule is in place. This is printed to the console as additional information when this rule is violated.

    If a branch satisfies the test expressions of several rules, all require and forbid conditions of these rules need to be met in order for the commit to pass.

    If you only have a single validation rule, you do not need to wrap it in an array.

    Simple strings are equivalent to rules that only have a test field.


You may safely check your configured hook against the current branch without committing by running

npm run precommit

Git hooks triggering

If the git hooks do not trigger on commit, there might have already been custom git hooks defined in your git repository before you installed husky. To solve this, you can run

rm .git/hooks/*
npm install husky

which will replace all git hooks by husky's hooks.

Using yarn

If you install husky using yarn, it is possible that husky's post-install scripts do not run. In that case, you can try running

npm install husky

after the installation, which will not change your package.json or yarn.lock file but make sure husky's scripts run.




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