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A lightweight wrapper around to let you add real-time features to your Express.js application.

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npm install

Setting up in your app

    var chassis = require(''),
        server  = express.createServer();
    // Use the same interface that you would with 
    // attaching to your Express server. 
    var app = chassis.attach(server, options);

You'll also need to add the following client-side JS libraries to your web application:


[TODO - put links to there libraries above]

In this order:

    <script src="/js/"></script> 
    <script src="/js/"></script> 


There are 5 actions that you can call from the client:

  • set

    Set a data object on the server-side socket object.

  • subscribe

    Subscribe to a channel on the server

  • publish

    Publish a message to a channel on the server.

  • unsubscribe

    Unsubscribe from a channel on the server.

  • rfc

    Call a function on the server, and get back a response

Handling the client-side API calls on the server

  • set


    npm test

Background was built as a replacement of the NowJS library in one of our applications. It's designed to mimic some of NowJS' functionality, but to also solve some of the challenges of running a websocket-based application across multiple Node.js processes.

Credits & License

© 2013 Axisto Media Ltd. is licensed under the MIT License.