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Chasis provides some boilerplate for common package life-cycle tasks like linting, code coverage, and testing.

Getting Started

npm install chasis

Once installed, package life-cycle hooks can invoke the common tasks by calling the chasis command. For example, the following could be added to package.json:

"scripts": {
    "coverage": "NODE_ENV=test chasis coverage",
    "pretest": "chasis lint",
    "test": "NODE_ENV=test chasis test"


The following boilerplate tasks are currently provided:

  • coverage - creates an HTML test coverage report in a cover_html directory. See the Cover homepage for more info.
  • lint - runs JSHint to check library code for common coding problems. See the JSHint homepage for more info.
  • test - runs a Mocha test suite defined in the test directory. See the Mocha homepage for more details.