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Changelog, please

Generate changelogs from git commit messages using node.js. The generated changelogs are written in markdown.

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npm install changelogplease


var changelog = require( "changelogplease" );
    ticketUrl: "{id}",
    commitUrl: "{id}",
    repo: "/path/to/repo",
    committish: "1.2.3..1.2.4"
}, function( error, log ) {
    if ( error ) {
        console.log( error );
    console.log( log );


changelog( options, callback )

  • options (Object): Options for creating the changelog.
    • ticketTypes (Array): Which ticket types to look for when parsing logs. See Changelog.ticketParsers for a list of available types. Ticket references are parsed in the order specified. Defaults to ["github"].
    • ticketUrl (String or Object): Template(s) for ticket/issue URLs; {id} will be replaced with the ticket ID. When specifying multiple values for ticketTypes, ticketUrl must be an object with the ticket type as the keys and the URL templates as the values.
    • commitUrl (String): Template for commit URLs; {id} will be replaced with the commit hash.
    • repo (String): Path to the repository.
    • committish (String): The range of commits for the changelog.
    • sort (Boolean, Function): Function for sorting commits. By default commits are sorted alphabetically so they are grouped by component. A value of false disables sorting.
  • callback (Function; function( error, log )): Function to invoke after generating the changelog.
    • log (String): Generated changelog, written in markdown.


changelog( options, callback ) is a shorthand for the following:

var Changelog = require( "changelogplease" ).Changelog;
var instance = new Changelog( options );
instance.parse( callback );

Changelog generation is tailored to a specific format based on the needs of the various jQuery projects. However, the Changelog constructor and prototype are exposed to allow flexibility. Be aware that these methods are not currently documented because they may change. Feel free to submit feature requests if you don't feel comfortable hacking in your own changes (or even if you do).


Changelogplease supports multiple issue trackers. Changelog.ticketParsers defines the list of supported ticket types and allows user-defined parsers to be added.

Built-in parsers

  • github: The github parser supports all forms of GitHub issue references: #123, gh-123, and account/repo#123. Because GitHub supports the short form #123, this parser can be used for other issue trackers as well.
  • jira: JIRA issues must be in the form PROJECT-123, with the project reference in all caps.

Custom parsers

Custom parsers can be implemented by adding a new property to Changelog.ticketParsers. The key is the name of the parser and the value is a function which receives two parameters:

  • commit (String): The full commit message.
  • ticketUrl (Function; function( ticketId )): A function which accepts a ticket ID and returns the URL for the specified ticket.

The function must return an array of objects each containing two values:

  • url: The URL for the ticket (generated by invoking the ticketUrl method).
  • label: The label for the ticket.


Copyright Scott González. Released under the terms of the MIT license.

Support this project by donating on Gittip.



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