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Change Case

Transform a string between camelCase, PascalCase, Capital Case, snake_case, kebab-case, CONSTANT_CASE and others.


npm install change-case --save


import * as changeCase from "change-case";

changeCase.camelCase("TEST_VALUE"); //=> "testValue"

Included case functions:

Method Result
camelCase twoWords
capitalCase Two Words
constantCase TWO_WORDS
dotCase two.words
kebabCase two-words
noCase two words
pascalCase TwoWords
pascalSnakeCase Two_Words
pathCase two/words
sentenceCase Two words
snakeCase two_words
trainCase Two-Words

All methods accept an options object as the second argument:

  • delimiter?: string The character to use between words. Default depends on method, e.g. _ in snake case.
  • locale?: string[] | string | false Lower/upper according to specified locale, defaults to host environment. Set to false to disable.
  • split?: (value: string) => string[] A function to define how the input is split into words. Defaults to split.
  • prefixCharacters?: string Retain at the beginning of the string. Defaults to "". Example: use "_" to keep the underscores in __typename.
  • suffixCharacters?: string Retain at the end of the string. Defaults to "". Example: use "_" to keep the underscore in type_.

By default, pascalCase and snakeCase separate ambiguous characters with _. For example, V1.2 would become V1_2 instead of V12. If you prefer them merged you can set mergeAmbiguousCharacters to true.


Change case exports a split utility which can be used to build other case functions. It accepts a string and returns each "word" as an array. For example:

  .map((x) => x.toLowerCase())
  .join("_"); //=> "foo_bar"

Change Case Keys

import * as changeKeys from "change-case/keys";

changeKeys.camelCase({ TEST_KEY: true }); //=> { testKey: true }

Change case keys wraps around the core methods to transform object keys to any case.


  • input: any Any JavaScript value.
  • depth: number Specify the depth to transfer for case transformation. Defaults to 1.
  • options: object Same as base case library.

TypeScript and ESM

This package is a pure ESM package and ships with TypeScript definitions. It cannot be require'd or used with CommonJS module resolution in TypeScript.



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