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CG Static

A collection of gulp tasks to automate build of static sites


var gulp = require('gulp');
require('cg-static')(gulp, {
    languages: ["en"], // optional. array of all languages. the first is default 
    dirs: {
        dist: "./dist", //default-value 
        src: "./src", //default-value 
        scss: "./scss", //default-value 
    statics: [{ // example of simple static folder - glob is used 
        destination: "./test/dist",
        files: [
    handlebars: {
        helpers: {
            json: require("./src/helpers/json"),
            // require here handlebars plugins 


serve: serve using browser-sync

build: run handlebars scss and static

clean: clean dist folder - all file will be deleted

handlebars: build handlebars templates

scss: build sass files

static: copy all contents of the static folder in dist root


The MIT License (MIT)