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Environment sensitive configuration file loader for node.js, using xtend

Example usage:


npm install cf

Create a directory where you intend to store your configuration files. Eg. 'config'. In that directory, make two files:

  • config/default.config.json
  • config/development.config.json

In your code:

var myConfig = require('cf')({
    root: __dirname + '/config'

Now your myConfig variable will be an object containing all the values of the default config file and the ones your development config file overrides.

Now you can also make a production config in config/production.config.json and when you start your app using NODE_ENV=production node myapp.js that file will be used instead.


  • root: root directory of your config files. Required
  • suffix: what file suffix you want to use.. default is .config.json
  • defaultEnv: what environment name to use if none is defined.

note: not very well tested at this point.. WIP