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    CLI tool for to make it as simple as one command to download and learn a new pattern. This tool will only download the one pattern you are interested in rather than the whole repo.

    Three Simple Commands To Deploy A pattern

    three simple commands


    You must have git installed on your system as this is what is used to download the pattern. This uses the code at, there is no external api.


    Downloading a pattern

    npx cdkp init {pattern-name}

    pattern-name is the string name of any of the existing patterns on with - instead of spaces e.g.

    • npx cdkp init the-big-fan
    • npx cdkp init the-simple-webservice
    • npx cdkp init the-eventbridge-atm

    Viewing Available Patterns

    you can view all available patterns by using the list command:

    • npx cdkp list

    Advanced Usage

    If you want to download the python version of a pattern you just need to include the --lang=python flag in the command:

    • npx cdkp init the-big-fan --lang=python

    You can also only init a pattern into a directory once because the second time would wipe the contents of the folder. There is a -f flag if you really want to wipe the contents e.g.

    • npx cdkp init the-big-fan -f

    If a folder called the-big-fan already existed in the directory you ran the command because you added the force flag it will be wiped


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