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Deploy NextJS with CDK

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What is this?

A CDK construct to deploy a NextJS app using AWS CDK. Supported NextJs versions: >=12.3.0+ (includes 13.0.0+)

Uses the standalone output build mode.


import { App, Stack, StackProps } from 'aws-cdk-lib';
import { Construct } from 'constructs';
import { Nextjs } from 'cdk-nextjs-standalone';

class WebStack extends Stack {
  constructor(scope: Construct, id: string, props?: StackProps) {
    super(scope, id, props);
    const nextjs = new Nextjs(this, 'Nextjs', {
      nextjsPath: './web', // relative path from your project root to NextJS
    new CfnOutput(this, "CloudFrontDistributionDomain", {
      value: nextjs.distribution.distributionDomain,

const app = new App();
new WebStack(app, 'web');

Important Notes

  • Due to CloudFront's Distribution Cache Behavior pattern matching limitations, a cache behavior will be created for each top level file or directory in your public/ folder. CloudFront has a soft limit of 25 cache behaviors per distribution. Therefore, it's recommended to include all assets that can be under a top level folder like public/static/. Learn more in open-next docs here.


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See example CDK apps here including:

  • App Router
  • Pages Router
  • App/Pages Router
  • High Security
  • Multiple Sites To deploy an example, make sure to read the

Discord Chat

We're in the #open-next channel on the Serverless Stack Discord.


Deploys a NextJs static site with server-side rendering and API support. Uses AWS lambda and CloudFront.

There is a new (since Next 12) standalone output mode which uses output tracing to generate a minimal server and static files. This standalone server can be converted into a CloudFront distribution and a lambda handler that handles SSR, API, and routing.

The CloudFront default origin first checks S3 for static files and falls back to an HTTP origin using a lambda function URL.


This approach is most compatible with new NextJs features such as ESM configuration, middleware, next-auth, and React server components ("appDir").

The unmaintained @serverless-nextjs project uses the deprecated serverless NextJs build target which prevents the use of new features. This construct was created to use the new standalone output build and newer AWS features like lambda function URLs and fallback origins.

You may want to look at Serverless Stack and its NextjsSite construct for an improved developer experience if you are building serverless applications on CDK.


Built on top of open-next, which was partially built using the original core of cdk-nextjs-standalone.

Heavily based on


See Contribute.

Breaking changes

See Major Changes.

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