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An interactive console.dir() for the terminal.


An interactive representation of an object for the CLI similar to that of console.dir() in webkit.


Why? Sometimes you have a lot of data that gets dumped to the screen. It's hard to keep track of it visually. A lot of the time you are just looking for one item in a sea of data. Progressive disclosure helps.


First, require the module. Then use console.dir(somecode) in your program and then use tab or shift+tab to cycle through the object's members. You can hit space, return or enter to expand a member. See the example below.

Hit ctrl+c or q to quit!

There is a CLI version too if you want to use it. npm install cdir -g.

console.dir = require('../dir');
var stuff = { 
  "name" : "dir", 
  "description" : "An interactive console.dir() for the terminal.",
  "tags" : [
  "foo": function() { 
    return "node tests/test.js"

The output looks something like this.