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A drop-in sendmail command line replacement built in Javascript with Node for testing.

It will forward all your mails to a testing SMTP mail catcher (we recommend MailDev).

Use it to test applications that call sendmail, like PHP mail() function:

  1. install a test local SMTP mailcatcher like MailDev or MailCatcher
  2. replace sendmail bin with catchmail (in PHP, add directive: sendmail_path = /usr/bin/env ./catchmail)
  3. run mail server ($> maildev)
  4. test your app
  5. now all the mails you send appear nicely on http://localhost:1080/

Note that this code is a partial, non-optimized program to ease testing. It is not fit for production, use full blown sendmail or its successors.

Inspired 100% by catchmail in MailCatcher.

Install & Run

$ npm install -g catchmail
$ catchmail 

Build, test, contribute

You need to have git and node (v 0.12 or later) installed

git clone
cd catchmail-node
npm install
grunt test

Please add tests with any contribution. Thanks and enjoy!