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CastleCSS Core Files

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CastleCSS Framework

The core files are part of the CastleCSS Package

How to install

  • Download the the boilerplate, CastleCSS-Core is included in the Boilerplate
  • Install via npm: npm install castlecss-core -S
  • Require it in your own npm package
  • Download or clone the package

Updating files

CastleCSS is built so it's easy to update, you can just download make it your own as long as you don't overwrite the core files.

npm update castlecss-core

Documentation and examples

You can find the documentation and examples at and castlecss-docs

Adjusting the variables

Because of the unique update-able setup of CastleCSS you need a seperate variable file to overwrite the default CastleCSS variables. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Use the boilerplate which provides a variables.scss file
  • Copy variables.scss from /node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/variables.scss into your own scss folder and include it into your main.scss
  • Copy the example from the documentation into your own variables.scss and include it into your main.scss

Basic structure

The basis structure for your website should look similar like this:

| Project directory/
|-- node_modules/
| | -- castlecss-core/
| | --castlecss-buttons/
| | --castlecss-notifications/
| |
|-- scss/
| |-- main.scss
| |-- variables.scss
| |
|-- img/
|-- dist/
| |-- styles.min.css
| |--
| |
|-- index.html
|-- Gruntfile.js
|-- package.json


Your main.scss should have the following set-up:

/* 	CastleCSS Core variables */
@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/variables";

/* 	Your variables */
@import "variables";

/* 	Remaining Core files and other CastleCSS modules */
@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/main";
@import "node_modules/castlecss-buttons/sass/main";
@import "node_modules/castlecss-notifications/sass/main";

/* Include your own files below this line
   -------------------------------------- */

/* --------------------------------------
   Include your own files above this line */

@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/base/utility";
@import "node_modules/castlecss-core/sass/base/utility_spacers";

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