Linux-style terminal emulator for Windows.


Cash is a cross-platform, precise implementation of Unix shell commands written in pure ES6.

Huh? Okay - think Cygwin, except:

  • No DLLs
  • Terminal-agnostic
  • 1/20th of the size
  • No native compiling
  • Just:
> npm install cash -g
> cash

Yeah. But it gets better.

Let's mix some Windows & Unix commands together:

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No problem. Let's make all commands global on your system:

> npm install cash-global -g
> ls -lah | sort

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You're covered!

> npm install cash-ls -g
> npm install cash-grep -g
> ls -lah | grep cash

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Again, you're in business:

const $ = require('cash');
const out = $.ls('.', {l: true});

Too fancy? How about this:

const out = $('ls -lah');

It was, before Vorpal.js.

Made with ❤️ by dthree.

  • Supported commands
  • Contributing
  • FAQ

The following commands are currently implemented:

  • cat
  • cd
  • echo
  • grep
  • less
  • ls
  • pwd
  • rm
  • sort
  • touch

To Do:

  • alias
  • rmdir
  • mkdir
  • free
  • df
  • kill
  • mv
  • history
  • cal
  • find
  • sed
  • awk
  • diff
  • xargs
  • service
  • ps
  • top
  • cp
  • chmod
  • passwd
  • ifconfig
  • whereis
  • tail
  • ping
  • wget
  • curl
  • lsblk
  • uname

Contributions Welcome!

In its very essence, Cash replaces the Windows CLI prompt (>) with the Unix one ($), the dollar symbol.

Cash was most fitting in this sense:

Ask and ye shall receive

> cash

Shout out to @aseemk for donating the name.


For those who don't know, Shell.js is an awesome Node app that implements Unix shell commands programatically in Javascript. Check it out - really. While Shell.js was tremendously helpful in figuring out how to accomplish Cash, the two do not really conflict.

Shell.js gives the feel of and approximates Unix commands in a code environment, but does not precisely implement it.

By example, Shell.js' ls command supports two arguments and returns an array. Cash supports seventeen arguments and mirrors the exact funcionality and output of the POSIX-compliant ls command.