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Clean parameters and define defaults.

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npm install caretaker
var caretaker = require('caretaker')
var cleaned = caretaker.clean(valid, params)


Valid is an object containing keys with an options object. Each parameter is parsed by either opt.type field or typeof opt.default (supports string, number, boolean, or 'default'). If a parameter is undefined, opt.default will be used, otherwise not included in the cleaned object. Also available are opt.required and opt.match for strings.

The caretaker.clean() function returns an cleaned object with a status. If cleaned.status === 'ok', cleaned.params contains the resulting parameters. Otherwise cleaned.errors will contain errors genereated by either opts.required, opts.match or a non-parsing value.

var valid = {
  num: { default: 10 },
  str: { type: 'string', match: /^([a-z]{1,})$/ },
  boo: { type: 'boolean', required: true }
var cleaned = caretaker.clean(valid, { str: 'a', boo: 1 })
// cleaned = { status: 'ok', params: { num: 10, str: 'a', boo: true } } 
cleaned = caretaker.clean(valid, { str: '9' })
// cleaned = { status: 'error', errors: { str: 'is not allowed', boo: 'is required' } }