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Backbone environment for node.js (capt)

capt is a tool to help you quickly create backbone.js applications and maintain a good directory structure and give you build tools to help development.


  • Glob module

Development build targets:

  • localhost using built in server
  • file:// with file watching and recompiling

Production build targets:

  • web
  • html5 w/ offline manifest [planned]
  • nokia webruntime [planned]
  • phonegap [planned]
  • chrome appstore [planned]

Optimizers supported:

  • Google Closure (css)
  • YUI (css and js)

Languages supported:

  • Coffeescript
  • Javascript
  • LESS

Testing framework:

  • Jasmine

Libraries built in:

  • jQuery
  • backbone.js
  • underscore.js


BSD Licensed. YUI Compressor and Closure are licenced under their respective licences.


Ben Nolan @bnolan


0.5.4 - Fixed template which said initailizer instead of initialize