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    Pointzi Capacitor Plugin

    How to install:

    Step 0: Dependencies

    Install dependencies for Pointzi plugin.

    npm i com.darktalker.cordova.screenshot
    npm i cordova-plugin-app-version
    npm i cordova-plugin-device
    npm i cordova-plugin-device-name
    npm i cordova-plugin-dialogs
    npm i cordova-plugin-network-information

    Step 1: Install plugin

    Install Pointzi in your Cordova project. Run this command in a console.

    npm i capacitor-plugin-pointzi

    Step 2: Setup assets

    You need copy asset files of plugin into your dist folder with following structure "/capacitor-plugin-pointzi/assets/". For example:

    You can do that by edit your build configuration file. Assume that you are using angular, so you put this code into assets configuration section inside angular.json:

      "glob": "**/*",
      "input": "node_modules/capacitor-plugin-pointzi/src/assets",
      "output": "./capacitor-plugin-pointzi/assets"

    When you have done, it looks like:

      "projects": {
        "app": {
          "architect": {
            "build": {
              "options": {
                "assets": [
                    "glob": "**/*",
                    "input": "node_modules/capacitor-plugin-pointzi/src/assets",
                    "output": "./capacitor-plugin-pointzi/assets"

    Step 3: Init Pointzi service

    Add code into constructor of your root component. For example, assumed you use angular, your root component file is app.component.ts.

    import { Plugins, StatusBarStyle } from '@capacitor/core';
    import 'capacitor-plugin-pointzi';
    const { Pointzi } = Plugins;
    export class AppComponent {
      constructor(private platform: Platform) {
      async initializeApp() {
        Pointzi.load().then(function () {
          Pointzi.register(APP_KEY, CUID).then(function () {
            // Send String Tag
              key: 'first_name',
              string: 'My First Name',

    Note: To get your APPKEY, go to, it is name on the Top left. CUID is the name you want to give to your install-id. This name is up to you. For more info visit, Tagging documentation


    npm i capacitor-plugin-pointzi

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