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    Canvas Rich Content Editor

    WARNING: While our intent is to make the RCE avaiable outside of canvas-lms, it currently has dependencies on canvas that make that impossible. Please be patient.

    The Canvas LMS Rich Content Editor extracted in it's own npm package for use across multiple services. This npm module is used in pair with a running canvas-rce-api microservice.

    You need a running instance of the canvas-rce-api in order to utilize the canvas-rce npm module, but you do not need that instance in order to do development on canvas-rce. (see docs/

    The first customer of the canvas-rce was the canvas-lms LMS so documentation and references throughout documentation might reflect and assume the use of canvas-lms.

    Install and setup

    As a published npm module, you can add canvas-rce to your node project by doing the following:

    npm install canvas-rce --save

    Please reference the canvas-lms use of canvas-rce to get an idea on how to incorporate it into your project. Pay special attention to the RichContentEditor.js and serviceRCELoader.js.


    This project makes use of modern JavaScript APIs like Promise, Object.assign, Array.prototype.includes, etc. which are present in modern browsers but may not be present in old browsers like IE 11. In order to not send unnecessarily large and duplicated code bundles to the browser, consumers are expected to have already globally polyfilled those APIs. Canvas already does this but if you need suggestions for how to this in your own app, you can just put this in your html above the script that includes canvas-rce:

    <script src=""></script>

    (See: for more info)






    npm i canvas-rce

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