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ūüďź calculate-aspect-ratio

A simple utility function, and command line utility, for calculating an aspect ratio based on width and height.



npm install --save calculate-aspect-ratio

Via Yarn

yarn add calculate-aspect-ratio


npm install -g calculate-aspect-ratio

How to use

There are two ways you can use this module. You can use it directly in your Javascript by importing it and calculating various aspect ratios where you need them.

I’ve also included a handy command line utility that you can use to determine the aspect ratio by calling it and providing a width and height.


The import is useful in scenarios where you need to calculate the aspect ratio when you have access to an assets width and height.

I’m currently using this to determine the aspect ratio of videos accessed via a CMS and passing the aspect ratio to react-video-players so they scale nicely in fluid layouts.

import calculateAspectRatios from 'calculate-aspect-ratio';

In addition to the method used to calculate the aspect ratio, I’ve also exposed the method used to get the greatest common divisor. You can access that via the gcd export.

import { gcd } from 'calculate-aspect-ratio';


import calculateAspectRatio from 'calculate-aspect-ratio';
const aspectRatio = calculateAspectRatio(2880, 1800);   // '8:5'


A simple utility command that you can run via the command line to return the aspect ratio for a provided width and height.

$ aspectratio [options] [width] [height]


Option Description
-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help output usage information


Argument Type Default
width Number 1920
height Number 1080


$ aspectratio 2880 1800    // Output -> Aspect ratio: 8:5

Need an easy way to calculate aspect ratios?

After making calculate-aspect-ratio, I realized that in addition to the CLI tool, it might be nice to make a site that makes it easy for non-developers ‚Äst and developers alike ‚Ästto review and calculate various aspect ratios, as well as reference common device resolutions. So, I made a handy tool that does just that, offering a visual way to calculate and reference aspect ratios. I hope you find it useful ūüėÄ

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