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🚀 Caesar Cipher: The Ultimate Encryption Tool! 🚀

License: ISC

Welcome to Caesar Cipher, your gateway to the world of encryption, where ancient Roman mystique meets cutting-edge security! 🏛️

Unveiling Caesar Cipher

Caesar Cipher, a time-honored encryption technique, traces its origins back to the days of Julius Caesar himself. It's a powerful method that involves shifting letters of the alphabet by a fixed number of positions to encode and decode messages. Now, with this exceptional package, you can harness the power of Caesar Cipher to protect your messages with ease and style.

Astonishing Features

Effortless Encryption: Encrypt and decrypt messages with unmatched simplicity. 🔒 Tailored Shifts: Customize your shift value for unparalleled security.

💻 Node.js & TypeScript Ready: Seamlessly integrate it into your Node.js and TypeScript projects, complete with autocompletion!


To embark on your encryption journey with Caesar Cipher, simply install it in your Node.js or TypeScript project using npm:

npm install caesar-crypt

How to Use

  1. Import the Package:

    In your Node.js or TypeScript script, import the caesar-crypt package with full TypeScript autocompletion:

    import { caesarEncrypt, caesarDecrypt } from 'caesar-crypt';
  2. Encrypt Your Message:

    Employ the caesarEncrypt function to encrypt your message. The default shift is set to 3 if not specified:

    const encryptedMessage = caesarEncrypt('Hello, World!', 5); // Shift by 5 positions
    console.log('Encrypted Message:', encryptedMessage);
  3. Decrypt with Precision:

    To decrypt the message, employ the caesarDecrypt function with the same shift value:

    const decryptedMessage = caesarDecrypt(encryptedMessage, 5); // Shift by 5 positions
    console.log('Decrypted Message:', decryptedMessage);

Congratulations! You're now armed with the tools of a master encryption agent, ready to safeguard your messages with style and sophistication! 🕵️‍♂️


This extraordinary package operates under the ISC License. Feel free to wield its power in any project, be it personal or commercial.

Fully Tested

Rest assured, caesar-crypt has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it's reliability and security.

Be Part of the Revolution

Found a bug? Bursting with brilliant ideas for improvement? We'd love to hear from you! Join our crusade to elevate Caesar Cipher to even greater heights by contributing to our GitHub repository.

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