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A modern SQlite cache store for node-cache-manager. Featuring:

  • Async sqlite3 using better-sqlite3
  • async/await support with Promise
  • 100% test coverage and production ready
  • Optimized mset/mget support
  • Supports CBOR for efficient and fast storage (selectable between json or cbor default: cbor)
  • Support for custom serializers
  • Smart purging support, no configuration required

This is a fork of node-cache-manager-sqlite. The big differences between this and the original are:

  • Swapping out sqlite3 for better-sqlite3 as sqlite3 has a bunch of unneeded dependencies for testing that are specified as required that will break in a Vite build environment.
  • It only supports initialization and configuration through the API specified via cache-manager >= 5.0.0
  • Full Typescript support!
  • ESM (I'm so sorry in advance, you will need to do some annoying stuff to make this work as better-sqlite3 isn't ESM).
  • When passing invalid values to the serialization functions, errors are thrown instead of silently swallowed.
  • mget will return undefined for values that do not exist instead of omitting them.


The goal was to have a local key value storage built on top of proven technology. While other options like node-cache-manager-fs-binary have similar functionality; they are littered with all sort of problems from race conditions, (multi-process) to corruption. SQLite on the other end has been battle tested, and using WAL allows multiple node processes (forked web servers) to share the same cache across various processes, without the headaches of flat file based systems.

SQLite based storage is ideal for:

  • Faster local storage than filesystem. Yes you heard it right
  • Reslience to corruption and recovery.
  • Multiprocess Node.js processes (typical in server deployments with many cores)
  • Large number of entries.


npm i cache-manager-better-sqlite3



Single store

import sqliteStore from 'cache-manager-better-sqlite'
import cacheManager from 'cache-manager'

// SQLite :memory: cache store
const memStoreCache = await cacheManager.caching(sqliteStore{
  serializer: 'json', // default is 'cbor'
  ttl: 20 // TTL in seconds

// On disk cache on employees table
const cache = await cacheManager.caching(sqliteStore, {
  name: 'employees',
  path: '/tmp/cache.db'

// TTL in seconds
await cache.set('foo', { test: 'bar' }, 10)
const value = await cache.get('foo')

Multi-store example:

import cacheManager from 'cache-manager'
import redisStore from 'cache-manager-ioredis'
import sqliteStore from 'cache-manager-better-sqlite'

const redisCache = await cacheManager.caching(redisStore, {
  db: 0,
  ttl: 600,
const sqliteCache = await cacheManager.caching(sqliteStore, {
  path: '/tmp/cache.db',
  name: 'users',
  ttl: 600,

const multiCache = cacheManager.multiCaching([sqliteCache, redisCache])

// Basic get/set
await multiCache.set('foo2', 'bar2', customTTL)
const v = await multiCache.get('foo2')

// Wrap call example
const userId = 'user-1'

// Optionally pass ttl
await multiCache.wrap(userId, async () => {
  console.log("Calling expensive service")
  const value = await getUserFromExpensiveService(userId)
  return value
}, customTTL)


This package requires Node v18 or higher for development as it uses the built in Node test runner.

# Run the tests
$ npm test
# Prettier the files
$ npm run prettier


The node-cache-manager-better-sqlite is licensed under the MIT license.



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