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    Cjs is a small library for JavaScript that provides some missing features of OOP in JavaScript. Till now it has only overloading feature but it is planned to add another features.

    Table of Contents

    1. Why Cjs.
    2. Installation.
    3. Get Started.
    4. Recommandations.

    1. Why Cjs:

    • It's a lightweight library.
    • Isolates your functions in another scope.
    • Provieds a overloading style to your code.
    • Little restrictions of function naming.

    2. Installation:

    You can get Cjs using 3 different ways:

    • Git: clone & build this repository.
    • Bower: $ bower install c-js --save.
    • npm: $ npm install cjs.

    after downloading Cjs, add it to your index.htm file <script src='{yourpath}/cjs/cjs-min.js'></script>

    3. Get Started:

    When you add Cjs to your index.htm, Cjs will add C property to window object which enables you to use Cjs features. Note: if window object has already C property, Cjs can't add its C object so you should follow this: window.cjsConfig.reInit({anyNameYouWant}); C object has only one function with name Function which allow you to register or call your function with diffrent overloading. See this example:

        console.log('Hello Cjs');
        console.log('Hello ' + name);
        console.log(greetWord + " " + name);

    What have we done just now? we have registered our function 'greet' in three diffrent overloadings. let's continue and call this function:

    C.Function('greet'); or C.Function('greet',[]); ===> 'Hello Cjs'
    C.Function('greet',['World']); ===> 'Hello World'
    C.Function('greet',['Hi','John']); ===> 'Hi John'

    As we see Cjs can detect the overload you want at from your parameters type!!

    4. Recommandations:

    I recommend you to use Cjs first for fun because it is not completed as framework or you can use it in a small project. Creating a standalone file for Cjs function will be more elegant to be used to register your functions and call them in everywhere.


    npm i c-js

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