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Bugzilla Commando

A Node based CLI for using Bugzilla.

(Based heavily on a tool originally created by Kate Hudson.)


  1. Install Node.js if you don't already have it. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  2. Run npm install -g bz-commando. You may have to preface this with sudo depending on your permissions.
  3. Add a .bzrc to your home directory. This is your config file that will be used by the tool. You can copy and edit the provided .bzrc.sample to start. The sample is geared toward working on the Webmaker product and associated components, but it can be altered to whatever you like. The format is CSON.


Run bz --help or bz COMMAND --help for a specific sub-command's docs.

Command Reference

Open the ticket corresponding to your current branch name:

bz open

Open a ticket by ID number:

bz open [Ticket ID]

Example: bz open 12345 opens ticket number 12345.

Create a new ticket:

bz new

Example: bz new -t "Hack The Planet!" creates a new ticket with title "Hack The Planet!".

Example: bz new -m -t "Kitchen Sink" -c wmorg -w [april20] creates a new ticket, assigns it to you, sets title to "Kitchen Sink", sets component to "" (or whatever you have defined as the value for the wmorg key), and sets the whiteboard to "[april20]".

Open your dashboard:

bz dash