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    2.1 is out! Faster and more flexible then ever.

    headless cms burdy

    Most advanced Open-source Headless CMS written in Typescript


    npx create-burdy-app my-project
    cd my-project/
    npm run dev

    Open http://localhost:4000/admin to view your running app. When you're ready for production, run npm run build then npm run start.

    2.1 Summary

    2.0 Summary

    New Features

    • Backup Management - New way of managing backups of your entire data. Backup, restore, export, import or moving content across environments!
    • Preview Editor - Besides Headless Editor we have released new Editor based on IFrame. Now you can manage content and preview your updates live on your websites directly from Burdy!
    • Hierarchical Posts - Besides having Hierarchical Pages we have added support for Hierarchical Posts which represent repeatable data such as Blogs, Docs and more organized in a Sites Hierarchy, for example mainsite/en/blogs/


    • Improved Authoring Experience - Managing Multiple sites or mobile apps from single Burdy has never been easier. With optimized Sites you can now manage tens of thousands of pages and posts in a single Burdy
    • Improved Cloud Provider Support - Besides native support for AWS infrastructure, we are officially announcing native support for DigitalOcean.
    • Optimized Editors - Both Headless and Preview Editors are faster then ever.
    • Improved Localization Capability - With the unified post/page structure, localization is a second nature of our system.

    Migration to 2.1

    For migration to take place user will need to run migration scripts, for more details visit under CLI commands section

    Breaking Changes

    • Burdy 2.0 is not backwards compatible with Burdy 1.0
    • Flat Posts have been replaced with Hierarchical Posts inside Sites

    Sneak Peek at upcoming features

    • Publish content across environments - Deliver your selected content across multiple Burdy systems (from one environment to another), with a few simple clicks.
    • Redis Support - We aim to improve content delivery performance by providing native Redis support. You can expect Burdy to be able to serve thousands of requests per second on content API.
    • A/B Testing - A/B test any post, page, fragment

    Burdy Features

    Out of the box Burdy comes with many features

    • Any Data Structure - build and manage any data structure, objects, arrays, arrays in objects, arrays in arrays in objects, arrays in object in arrays or what ever you whish!
    • Digital Assets Management - inspired by OneDrive and Operating systems, it gives simplicity and organization capabilities,
    • Content types - 16 fields types out of the box, and you can easily extend it with your custom,
    • Post versioning - every update will create a version that authors will be able to restore,
    • Sites hierarchy - authors will be able to organize pages, posts, fragments and multiple websites in a folder like structure,
    • Tags - tag pages, posts or assets with ease
    • Users management with Groups and Permissions access control

    Field types

    19 Out of the box field types. Learn how to extend with your custom by visiting Custom Editor Fields docs.


    • Text
    • Rich Text (enhanced with custom components)
    • Ace Editor (json, js, ts, html...)
    • Number
    • Checkbox
    • Choice group
    • Assets
    • Images
    • Dropdown
    • Color Picker
    • Date Picker
    • Relation (deprecated)
    • Reference Single (new)
    • Reference Multiple (new)
    • Custom Component


    • Group
    • Repeatable
    • Tab
    • Dynamic Zone

    Tech Stack

    • Self-hosted - know where your data is stored!
    • Backend - Node.js, TypeORM, Express
    • Admin - React, Fluent UI
    • Databases - TypeORM (SQLite, Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB), File Storage - file system, AWS S3, DigitalOcean Spaces
    • Customizable - You are able to extend any part of Admin or Backend by just using hooks. Furthermore, you can create custom functionalities in a no time!
    • Native Cloud Support - AWS, DigitalOcean

    For more details visit our Docs



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