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🚀 Automate versioning, changelog creation, README updates and GitHub releases using GitHub Actions,npm, docker or bash.

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functions of bump-everywhere


Allows you to automatically:

  • Bump your sematic git tag by increasing the patch version
  • Create & commit a changelog file
  • If npm project then bump package.json version and commit
  • Check file, if it has references to older version, update with never version.
  • Create a release on GitHub with auto-generated release notes

It supports safe re-runs, it means that if you can run it for an already bumped or tagged repository, it'll not increase the version as everything is still up-to-date. It protects against recursive runs.


Option 1. Use GitHub actions

uses: undergroundwires/bump-everywhere@master
    # Repository name with owner to bump & release. For example, undergroundwires/bump-everywhere 
    # (Optional) Default: ${{ github.repository  }} 
    repository: ''
    # Name of the user who'll commit the changelog, e.g. bot-user 
    # (Optional) Default: ${{ }} 
    user: ''
    # Personal access token (PAT) used to clone & push to the repository. 
    # If you use default, it'll not trigger other actions, but your own PAT then it triggers new actions 
    # (Optional) Default: ${{ github.token }} 
    git-token: ''
    # The type of the GitHub release 
    # Options: 'release' | 'prerelease' | 'draft' | 'none' (does not release) 
    # (Optional) Default: 'release' 
    release-type: ''
    # Personal access token (PAT) used to release to GitHub. 
    # Used only if release-type is not "none" 
    # If you use default, it'll not trigger other actions, but your own PAT then it triggers new actions 
    # (Optional) Default: ${{ github.token }} 
    release-token: ''

Option 2. Use npm

With installation:

npm install -g bump-everywhere # or "npm install bump-everywhere --save-dev" for local installations 
bump-everywhere --repository "undergroundwires/" --user "bot-commiter-name" --git-token "PAT_TOKEN" --relase-type "release" --release-token "PAT_TOKEN"

Or without installation:

npx bump-everywhere --repository "undergroundwires/" --user "bot-commiter-name" --git-token "PAT_TOKEN" --relase-type "release" --release-token "PAT_TOKEN"

Option 3. Use Docker

  • To get the image you can either:

    • Pull from docker hub using docker pull undergroundwires/bump-everywhere:latest
    • Or build image yourself using docker build . --tag undergroundwires/bump-everywhere:latest
  • Run with arguments:

      docker run undergroundwires/bump-everywhere \
        "undergroundwires/" \
        "bot-user" \
        "GitHub PAT for pushes" \
        "prerelase" \
        "GitHub PAT for releases"

Option 4. Use scripts

  1. Ensure bash (4 or newer), git, curl, jq exists in your environment

    • run e.g. apk add bash git curl jq
  2. Clone this repository: git clone

    • or optionally add this repository as git submodule: git submodule add
  3. Call the script as following :

      bash "scripts/" \
          --repository "undergroundwires/" \
          --user "bot-commiter-name" \
          --git-token "PAT_TOKEN" \
          --release-type "draft" \
          --release-token "PAT_TOKEN"

Updating minor & major versions

  • You manually tag your last commit to update major & minor versions.
  • E.g.
    • git commit -m "bumped version to 1.2.0" --allow-empty
    • git tag 1.2.0
    • git push && git push origin 1.2.0

All scripts

You can also use following scripts individually (check script files for usage, prerequisites & dependencies):

Some example usages


CI/CD is fully automated for this repo using different GIT events & GitHub actions.

GitOps flow


  • Give it a star ⭐
  • Feel free to use the badge in the of repository where you use bump-everywhere:
    • (it'll look like: Auto-versioned by bump-everywhere)
[![Auto-versioned by bump-everywhere](](


npm i bump-everywhere

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