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built JS SDK

© Raw Engineering, Inc ( 2013, Licensed under the MIT-LICENSE

A Javascript SDK for service for node.js (0.6.x and up). Hides most of the complexity of creating, maintaining objects and sessions.

For more information visit and .


  • Works in Browsers as well as in Servers (NodeJS)
  • Simple service wrapper that allows you to easily put together all REST API libraries
  • Easy to create Application User
  • User management
  • Create objects in applications
  • Update objects in applications
  • Delete Objects in applications
  • File management
  • Highly customise query to
  • BuiltModel to Backbone.Model conversion support
  • Model binding for each objects
  • Promise on all REST calls

Example usage

var Built = require('built');
var application_api_key = 'YOUR APPLICATION API KEY' ;
var application_uid = 'YOUR APPLICATION UID' ;
Built.initialize(application_api_key, application_uid); // init built SDK using application_api_key and application_uid 
var query = new Built.Query('employee'/*class_uid*/); // create new built Query Object 
query.greaterThan('age', 30); // add query  
query.exec(/* execute query */)
var employee = new Built.Object('employee'/*class_uid*/); 
employee.set({ /* set attributes in newly created object */
employee.set('gender', 'male'); // set attribute using key, value type
    /* object saved */
    /* oops error */
npm install built --save