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React/redux app archetype for builder. It brings a lot of features that help you to make a production ready react/redux app.

It is used by react-seed. Please check this project to understand how to use these builder tasks.

Getting started

You could check builder if you want to understand how it works.

npm install --save-dev builder
npm install --save builder-react-fullstack
npm install --save-dev builder-react-fullstack-dev
# .builderrc 
  - builder-react-fullstack



  • builder run bundle: Bundle the app with webpack. The output is in the ./build folder. You could run this command with these options: (eg. builder run bundle -- --release)
    • --release: Minify the bundle
    • --devtools: inject the global variable __ONBUILD_REDUX_DEVTOOLS__ into the app. (useful to include redux devtools)
    • --react-perf: inject the global variable __ONBUILD_REACT_PERF__ into the app. (useful to include react addons perf)
    • --isomorphic: inject the global variable __ONBUILD_SERVER_RENDERING__ into the app. (useful to enable server rendering)
  • builder run build: Clean the ./build folder, copy assets and bundle the app.

Server playground

  • builder run serve: Serve the app in development mode. Check http://localhost:3000 😄


  • builder run test:all: Test the app once
  • builder run test:all:watch: Test the app once and enter in watch mode (usefull for tdd)
  • builder run test:all:coverage: Test the app and generate test coverage


  • builder run eslint: Run eslint on the project
  • builder run jscs: Run jscs on the project
  • builder run lint: Run the 2 previous tasks


  • builder run release -- semverCompatibleVersion: Only if you are using git flow. Create a release of the app. semverCompatipleVersion must be valid according to semver This will update package.json and create a git flow release

Comming soon

When typescript will reach 2.0.0, I will migrate the bundle process to use typescript instead of babel.

Builder Help

$ builder help builder-react-fullstack
  builder <action> <task(s)>
  run, concurrent, envs, help
    [builder-react-fullstack] NODE_PATH=./src:$NODE_PATH mocha --opts node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/config/mocha/mocha.opts src/**/*-test.js
    [builder-react-fullstack] NODE_PATH=./src:$NODE_PATH babel-node node_modules/.bin/istanbul cover --config node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/config/istanbul/.istanbul.yml _mocha -- --opts node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/config/mocha/mocha.opts.coverage src/**/*-test.js
    [builder-react-fullstack] NODE_PATH=./src:$NODE_PATH mocha --opts node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/config/mocha/ src/**/*-test.js
    [builder-react-fullstack] node node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/lib/runner build
    [builder-react-fullstack] node node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/lib/runner bundle
    [builder-react-fullstack] eslint --color src/**/*.js
    [builder-react-fullstack] jscs src/**/*.js
    [builder-react-fullstack] builder concurrent eslint jscs
    [builder-react-fullstack] npm run builder:compile
    [builder-react-fullstack] node node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/lib/runner release
    [builder-react-fullstack] node node_modules/builder-react-fullstack/lib/runner serve