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Builder Archetype: Victory Component

A Victory component archetype for builder.


To use the production and development workflows, install both this package and the development module:

$ npm install --save builder-victory-component
$ npm install --save-dev builder-victory-component-dev

Project Structure

This archetype assumes an architecture as follows:

├── .builderrc                  # Configures builder archetype
├── package.json
├── demo                        # Component demo
│   ├── app.jsx
│   └── index.html
├── docs                        # Ecology documentation
│   ├──
│   ├── app.jsx
│   ├── docs.jsx
│   ├──
│   ├── index.html
│   ├── static-index.jsx
│   └── static-render-entry.jsx
├── dist                        # Distribution build destination (standalone)
├── lib                         # Lib build destination (npm)
├── src                         # Component source
│   ├── components
│   │   └── *.jsx?
│   └── index.js
└── test                        # Component tests
    └── client
        ├── main.js
        ├── spec
        │   └── components
        │       └── *.jsx?
        └── test.html

The name field in package.json (the published npm package name) is assumed to be:

  1. The desired file name of the distribution files and dash-cased.
  2. The desired default exported class name when converted to PascalCase.

So, if a package.json has:

  "name": "my-cool-component"

The distribution files to output are:


and the exported class name is MyCoolComponent.

An example project using this structure is: formidable-react-component-boilerplate

Usage Notes

Babel Configuration

This archetype does not currently specify its own .babelrc. Your project should specify its own in the root directory if you want non-default Babel settings (like using stage 0, for instance). See the recommended settings.


This archetype is meant to be used in a very specific context: A Victory component. As such, it's assumed that the implementing component bring along these dependencies:

  • react & react-dom 0.14+
  • Most Victory components will also want to depend on `radium 0.16+``.

The reason we don't specify these in the archetype package.json's peerDependencies is to lower the friction to testing out beta builds of React by specifying a peer of react 0.14.x. Similarly, specifying a peer of >=0.14.x would imply that we're compatible with future React releases, something we can't promise.


Run $ builder help to see usage.

  builder <action> <task(s)>
  help, run, concurrent, envs
Flags: General
  --builderrc: Path to builder config file (default: `.builderrc`)
    [builder-victory-component] cd lib || builder run build
    [builder-victory-component] builder run check
    [builder-victory-component] builder run test-frontend
    [builder-victory-component] builder run clean && builder run build
    [builder-victory-component] builder run build-lib && builder run build-dist
    [builder-victory-component] builder run clean-dist && builder run build-dist-min && builder run build-dist-dev
    [builder-victory-component] webpack --bail --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/ --colors
    [builder-victory-component] webpack --bail --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/webpack.config.js --colors
    [builder-victory-component] builder run clean-lib && babel src -d lib --copy-files
    [builder-victory-component] builder run lint && builder run npm:test
    [builder-victory-component] builder run lint && builder run test-ci
    [builder-victory-component] builder run lint && builder run test-cov
    [builder-victory-component] builder run lint && builder run test-dev
    [builder-victory-component] builder run clean-lib && builder run clean-dist
    [builder-victory-component] rimraf dist
    [builder-victory-component] rimraf lib
    [builder-victory-component] builder concurrent server-dev server-test
    [builder-victory-component] webpack --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/docs/webpack.config.static.js --progress
    [builder-victory-component] webpack-dev-server --port 3000 --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/docs/ --content-base docs
    [builder-victory-component] webpack-dev-server --port 3000 --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/docs/ --hot --content-base docs
    [builder-victory-component] builder concurrent server-hot server-test
    [builder-victory-component] builder concurrent lint-server lint-client lint-client-test
    [builder-victory-component] eslint --color --ext .js,.jsx -c node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/eslint/.eslintrc-client src demo/*.jsx
    [builder-victory-component] eslint --color --ext .js,.jsx -c node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/eslint/.eslintrc-client-test src test/client
    [builder-victory-component] eslint --color -c node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/eslint/.eslintrc-server *.js
    [builder-victory-component] opener
    [builder-victory-component] builder concurrent dev open-demo
    [builder-victory-component] builder concurrent hot open-demo
    [builder-victory-component] git subtree push --prefix docs/build origin gh-pages
    [builder-victory-component] webpack-dev-server --port 3000 --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/demo/ --colors --content-base demo
    [builder-victory-component] http-server docs/build
    [builder-victory-component] webpack-dev-server --port 3000 --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/demo/ --colors --inline --hot --content-base demo
    [builder-victory-component] webpack-dev-server --port 3001 --config node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/webpack/webpack.config.test.js --colors
    [builder-victory-component] builder run test-frontend-ci
    [builder-victory-component] builder run test-frontend-cov
    [builder-victory-component] builder run test-frontend-dev
    [builder-victory-component] karma start node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/karma/karma.conf.js
    [builder-victory-component] karma start --browsers PhantomJS,Firefox node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/karma/karma.conf.coverage.js
    [builder-victory-component] karma start node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/karma/karma.conf.coverage.js
    [builder-victory-component] karma start node_modules/builder-victory-component/config/karma/