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<a href="">myth</a> plugin for <a href="">component-builder2</a>.


myth plugin for component-builder2.

$ npm install mnmly/builder-myth
# or 
$ npm install builder-myth
  • myth(options)

Currently options can take only whitespace boolean.

It takes same option that can be passed to as rework's toString(opts). On top of it, you can also pass whitespace, if you want to use significant whitespace.

var Builder = require('component-builder2');
var Resolver = require('component-resolver');
var co = require('co');
var myth = require('builder-myth');
co(function* build() {
    var resolver = new Resolver(process.cwd(), {
        install: true
    // resolve the dependency tree 
    var tree = yield* resolver.tree();
    // lists the components in the proper build order 
    var nodes = resolver.flatten(tree);
    // only include `.js` files from components' `.scripts` field 
    var script = new Builder.scripts(nodes);
    script.use('scripts', Builder.plugins.js());
    // only include `.css` files from components' `.styles` field 
    var style = new Builder.styles(nodes);
    style.use('styles', Builder.plugins.css());
    style.use('styles', myth());
    // Or with whitespace option 
    // style.use('styles', myth({whitespace: true, compress: true, sourcemap: true})); 
    // write the builds to the following files in parallel 
    yield [