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Builder Docs Archetype

A Builder archetype for Formidable static React landers.



  1. In the root, you need to create a ./static-routes.js file that exports an array of all the routes your heart desires.
module.exports = [

Lander Release

To release a project controlled by this archetype (e.g., victory-docs), use the following guide:

IMPORTANT - NPM: To correctly run preversion your first step is to make sure that you have a very modern npm binary:

$ npm install -g npm

Built files in build/ should not be committed during development or PRs. Instead we only build and commit them for published, tagged releases. So the basic workflow is:

# Make sure you have a clean, up-to-date `master` 
$ git pull
$ git status # (should be no changes) 
# Choose a semantic update for the new version. 
# If you're unsure, read about semantic versioning at 
$ npm version major|minor|patch -m "Version %s - INSERT_REASONS"
# Push the `build/` directory, version commits, and tag: 
$ git push --follow-tags
# And finally publish to `npm`! 
$ npm publish

And you've published!

For a reliable systems of releases, the landers should aim for versioning along these lines:

  • Patch: Typos, missing assets, broken styles, very minor copyedits.
  • Minor: Add a new blog post, change styles.
  • Major: Rearchitect how the lander works, remove pages, or something else huge.

For additional information on the underlying NPM technologies and approaches, please review:


This section applies to the archetype itself (builder-docs-archetype).

Builder Dependencies

You can read the Builder docs for the full story. Here is an overview of the Builder three-way dependency scheme:

  • package.json:dependencies: Production dependencies for the archetype installed in a project.
  • dev/package.json:dependencies: Development dependencies for the archetype installed in a project.
  • package.json:devDependencies: The development dependencies used internally for the this archetype during development (self tests, checks, etc.) that are not part of the overall archetype outside workflow.

Checks, Tests

Run npm run builder:check

Archetype Release

For tagged official releases only of the archetype, make sure to:

  1. Bump package.json version
  2. Generate a new ARCHETYPE-dev package.json
  3. Add to git, tag, and publish
$ vim package.json            # Bump version 
$ vim            # Add version notes 
$ builder-support gen-dev     # Generate `dev/*` files 
$ npm run builder:check       # Last check! 
$ git add package.json dev
$ git commit -m "Version bump"
$ git tag -a "vNUMBER" -m "vNUMBER - INSERT_REASONS" # Create tag 
$ git push --follow-tags
$ npm publish                 # Publish main project 
cd dev && npm publish       # Publish dev project