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This is a utility that transforms code documented with getdocs-style doc comments into HTML.

It exports the following values:

build: (config: Object, items: ?Object) → string

Build the documentation for a given set of files. The configuration object may have the following fields:

  • name: string The name of this module.

  • filename: string If items isn't given, this should point at the main filename to extract docs from.

  • main: ?string The path to the main template, which should be a Markdown file with @itemName placeholders where the generated docs for the documented items in the source should be inserted. builddocs will complain when the set of item placeholders does not match the set of documented items. When not given, the items will be output in the order in which they are found.

  • mainText: ?string The main template as a string.

  • anchorPrefix: ?string Can be used to override the prefix used when generating HTML anchors. Defaults to the module name with a dot after it. You can set this to the empty string to disable anchor prefixes.

  • imports: ?[Object | (item: Object) → ?string] A set of object mapping type names to URLs. Will make the library recognize the given type names and properly link them.

  • qualifiedImports: ?Object<Object<string>> An object mapping prefixes to imports-like objects. For example, {foo: {bar: "http://url"}} will map the type to the given URL.

  • allowUnresolvedTypes: ?bool Determines whether running into an unknown type should raise an error. Defaults to false (do raise an error).

  • templates: ?string May be the path of a directory with additional templates to load, which should have an .html extension and use Mold syntax.

  • env: ?Object A set of extra values to make available as global variables in the templates.

  • markdownOptions: ?Object A set of options to pass through to markdown-it.

  • extendMarkdown: ?(md: MarkdownIt) → MarkdownIt A function that adds extensions to the markdown-it instance used to render the content.

  • breakAt: ?number When given, type or property lists whose (estimated) length is equal to or greater than the given value will be wrapped in a <div class=breaktype> element (which can be styled with a left padding to indent it).

  • processType: ?(type: Type) => ?Type When given, types will be passed through this function before being formatted. It can return a replacement JSON structure for the type.

The second parameter, items, can be used if the JSON data for the module has already been read. By default, build will read it using getdocs-ts.

read: (config: Object) → Object

Read types and comments from a given set of files. config has the same shape as the argument to build (though only files and order will be read by this function).

The function returns the data returned by getdocs-ts, an object containing metadata for each of the items documented in the source files.

browserImports: Object<string>

An object mapping the types available in the browser (such as Document and Blob) to their MDN URLs. Useable with the imports or qualifiedImports options.


This software is released under an MIT open-source license.

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