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Build Notifier

Reads your build output from stdin, pipes it straight to stdout and notifies you if the build passed or failed once an EOF is received.

It notifies you via node-notifier.


npm install --save-dev build-notifier


Use with JSCS:

jscs lib/**.js test/**.js | node_modules/.bin/notify -t JSCS

or with JSHint:

jshint lib/**.js test/**.js | node_modules/.bin/notify -t JSHint

or even better, in the scripts section of your package.json:

  "scripts" : {
    "jscs": "jscs lib/**.js test/**.js | notify -t JSCS",
    "prehint": "npm -s run jscs",
    "hint": "jshint lib/**.js test/**.js | notify -t JSHint",
    "pretest": "npm -s run hint",
    "test": "your favorite test tool"