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    Quick Project Setup

    This project is still under development

    Aim of the project:

    Prepare a fully customizable project boilerplate for Frontend development.

    Install :

    You will need to install this project globally like :

    npm install -g build-fe

    Once it's completed,

    • Create an empty folder in your desired location to start a new project.
    • Open Terminal at this location and run build-fe

    In a few minutes, your default browser will open a new window on the localhost by using port 3222 (if this port is not free next free port will be used.)

    If your current working directory is not empty, you will get an error message in your newly opened browser window, and contents of that folder will not be changed to avoid unwanted file overwriting.

    ## How should it work (not yet done)

    As mentioned in the Aim of the project it should prepare a boilerplate for a Frontend development, wich can be fully customized.

    Customization will be over GUI at the Browser-window. Followings can be maintainable:

    • Manage installed npm packages,
    • Create Views, Templates, Modules, Partials those can be embedded in an another.
    • Add / Remove plugins, Libraries,
    • Set Global parameters for the project




    npm i build-fe

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