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Helper for building/minifying LESS and CSS files. It makes it super easy to compile LESS, concatenate all the CSS, and minify the output.


var buildCSS = require('build-css');
], function(e, css) {
    // Do awesome stuff with the css 
// Now with more knobs and switches!!! 
var opts = {
    // Minify the output with clean-css 
    // Default: true 
    minify: true,
    // Directories to look for LESS @imports, source file directory is 
    // included by default. 
    paths: ['.']
], opts, function(e, css) {
    if (e) {
        throw e;
    fs.writeFile('file.min.css', css, function(e) {
        // Continue building 


buildCSS(files, [opts], callback)

Builds an array of CSS/LESS files, concatenating and minifying them.

files is an array of file paths to read. The order of the files is preserved when concatenating. If a file in files is a .less file, it will be compiled and the CSS output will be used.

opts is an optional object containing the configuration settings. The minify option will disable minification when it is false. The paths option is an array of paths to look for the files imported by LESS @imports. The source file directory is always added to this when compiling.

callback is a function that will be called with the result. It uses the normal Node callback signature of (error, result).

It uses clean-css when minifying the CSS.