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Quickly buff your Node environment with the best libraries and utilities when writing quick scripts or using the repl.

Inspired by Hoarders.


Install: npm install buff

Require in the repl or a file: require('buff')

Now you have access to all these goodies, predefined globally, no require() necessary:

Native Node Modules

All native node modules are pre-required for your convenience. Docs ex: fs.readFileSync('./file.txt')

General Utilities

lodash as _* or lodash - Utility library, successor to underscore.

  • The node repl takes control of _ for the last result so use lodash instead from the repl.

async - Flow control.

q - Promises Flow Control.

when - Promises.

open - Open the browser or file manager with the given URI. ex: open("")

growl - Show Growl notification (or equivalent) with given message. You may need to sudo gem install terminal-notifier first. ex: growl("You have mail!")

moment - Date, time, and duration manipulation.

string as S - String manipulation. ex: S('-moz-something').camelize().s // 'mozSomething'


request - HTTP request library. ex: request.get({url: "", json:true}, function (err, res, body) { })

express - Easily create HTTP Servers.

ecstatic - Easily serve a directory over HTTP. ex: http.createServer(ecstatic('./')).listen(8080)

File System

mkdirp - mkdir -p, create all directories in given path. ex: mkdirp.sync("./some/new/folders")

mime - lookup mime types. ex: mime.lookup("/path/to/file.txt") // 'text/plain'

glob - Match files using patterns. ex: glob.sync("**/*.js")

wrench - Useful file system operations.


csv - Parse comma delimited strings. ex: csv().from.string('"1","2"\n"a","b"').to.array(function(data) { }) // data will be [[ '1', '2'], ['a', 'b']]

xml2json - Parse xml. ex: xml2json.toJson("<doc attr='val'><child>1</child><child>2</child></doc>") // {"doc":{"attr":"val","child":[1,2]}}

md5 - Md5 hash strings. ex: md5('message') // 78e731027d8fd50ed642340b7c9a63b3


cli-color as clc - Output colored text to your CLI. ex:'Text in red')

json-table as table - Print an array of objects as a table. ex: table([ {name: 'foo', age: 12}, {name: 'bar', age: 73} ])

eyes* - Pretty print Objects. ex: inspect({foo: "bar"})

  • inspect is an alias of eyes.inspect