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Browser spec Build Status

Browser spec statically defines features for a given browser so you can make


This is intended for use with node-shimmy, and not really a standalone module.

Usage / Examples

Browserspec takes an options object with a family and either a version string or trio of major, minor, and patch:

var browserspec = require('bs')
var spec = browserspec({ family:'Firefox', version: '3.6' })
spec['Array.prototype.forEach'] // true 
var spec2 = browserspec({ family:'IE', major:7, minor:0 })
spec2['Array.prototype.forEach'] // false 

This makes it easily compatible with the useragent module:

var browserspec = require('bs')
var useragent = require('useragent')
var spec = browserspec(useragent.parse( useragent ))


Open source software under the zlib license.