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    🅱 BruhAPI

    Welcome to the fixed version of the BruhAPI NPM package! This package has many things to play around with such as text to image, random jokes & facts, random subreddit images, and more! A documentation of how to use each feature can be found below.


    This package can be used if the main package is currently broken, but you can use this anytime.

    Initialize BruhAPI NPM

    npm install bruhapi will install the package.

    const bruh = require("bruhapi-fixed") will reference the package.

    *Each function using BruhAPI should be async.

    How to Use

    Using the BruhAPI NPM module is very easy! Just use bruh('/endpoint') and it'll return the res query from the endpoint response. Most responses return res for the most important query. Created by WILLM4937, fixed by AizakkuDev.



    const bruh = require("bruhapi-fixed") //require the package
    test() //call the function
    async function test() 
    {console.log(await bruh('/fact'))} //declare the function

    This will return a fact to the console. Here is an example output: Washington, DC is the capital of the United States of America.

    Chatbot (discord.js)

    const bruh = require("bruhapi-fixed")
    client.on("message", message => {
      if ( return; // Just to make sure the bot doesn't respond to itself
      const response = await bruh('/cb/Never gonna give you up') // You can change "Never gonna give you up" to the message you want to input for the bot to respond. // Bot sends response to "Never gonna give you up"

    This will return a chatbot response in Discord. Since I inputted "Never gonna give you up", the bot will respond: Never gonna let you down.

    If you have any questions, please join the Discord server!


    npm i bruhapi-fixed

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