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A node.js module for browsing a web in an awesome way! I wrote it for my social-submitter software (

It was written by Peteris Krumins ( His blog is at -- good coders code, great reuse.

Check this out:

var Browser = require('browser');

var browser = new Browser;
        '' + data.username,
            op : 'login-main',
            user : data.username,
            passwd : data.password,
            id : '#login_login-main',
            renderstyle : 'html'
    .get('' + data.subreddit)
    .get('' + data.subreddit + '/submit')
            uh : 'todo',
            kind : 'link',
            sr : data.subreddit,
            url : data.url,
            title : data.title,
            id : '#newlink',
            r : data.subreddit,
            renderstyle : 'html'

This logs you into Reddit and submits a story to data.subreddit subreddit.

Also check out social-submitter software that submits to hacker news, twitter, facebook, and other sites:

Happy browsing!

Sincerely, Peteris Krumins