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Simplify testing of front-end libraries using browserify and mocha


  • No config files, just run your tests in terminal with phantomjs or start watch server to test and debug in actual browser;
  • It builds on top of testem for solid integration with different browsers and platforms;
  • It uses watchify and errorify for better development experience;


Install with npm and make sure phantomjs is installed (phantomjs -v):

npm install --global browserify-test

Pass test files to browserify-test and enjoy browserified mocha tests:

browserify-test --help
  Usage: browserify-test [options] [./test/*.js ...]
    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -V, --version               output the version number
    -w, --watch                 run watch server on http://localhost:7357
    -t, --transform <t1,t2,..>  add browserify transforms
    -p, --plugins <p1,p2,..>    add browserify plugins
    -b, --browserifyOptions <jsonStringifiedObj>     add browserifyOptions
    --testem, --testemOptions <jsonStringifiedObj>   add testemOptions
browserify-test # run tests for ./test/*.js 
browserify-test --watch # start watch server on localhost:7537 
browserify-test ./path/to/test.js ./path/to/another-test.js # pass test files as arguments 
browserify-test ./lib/**/test.js # use globs 
browserify-test --transform [ babelify --presets es2015 ] ./path/to/es6-test.js # use transforms 

Integration with npm

Add browserify-test to your development dependencies:

npm install --save-dev browserify-test

And use npm scripts to run your tests in terminal with npm test or start development watch server with npm start.

  "scripts": {
    "test": "browserify-test ./test/index.js",
    "start": "browserify-test --watch ./test/index.js"
  "devDependencies": {
    "browserify-test": "^2.1.2"

npm hint: you don't need to type ./node_modules/.bin/browserify-test to refer on local copy of browserify-test, npm does it automatically.


import run from 'browserify-test'
  watch: false,
  transform: ['brsf', ['babelify', { presets: 'es2015' }]],
  files: ['./test/file1.js', './test/file2.js'],


  • files (or entries) - Array - a list of files for browserify
  • watch - Boolean - enable watch server
  • transform (or transforms) - Array - a list of browserify transform modules
  • plugins - Array - a list of browserify transform modules
  • browserifyOptions - Object - options to pass as browserify options
  • testemOptions - Object - options to pass as testem options. Note that besides config-level options, the CLI-level options are also available, as are Testem's hooks which can be used to report on testem phases); these can be expressed as strings (to execute shell commands) or as callbacks. Callbacks will be passed the Testem config object, any data object for the hook (only currently used for the undocumented on_change hook, providing a file path property), and a callback which should be invoked with a falsy argument (or no arguments) to indicate a passed Testem test or invoked with a truthy argument (such as an error object) to report a failed Testem test.
  • finalizer - Function called toward end of tests; as in testem, this finalizer will be passed an exit code (set to 0 if normal and 1 if erring) and any (Bluebird) error object. If you wish to execute code prior to the end of all tests, see the docs above on hooks in testemOptions.



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