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A seed project that builds with npm and uses browserify, mocha and istanbul. This project is based on plugin-seed, the great work by Calvin Metcalf & Nolan Lawson.

Getting browserify and code coverage to work together is tough! You can use this seed project to get started.

Getting Started

git clone
npm install
bower install


Bundle All

Bundle Lib


Bundle All

Bundle Lib


npm run test

Tests & Coverage

npm run coverage

Serve Test Coverage:

npm run dev

then visit

Run tests in a browser:

npm run dev

then visit

Run automated tests in a browser:

npm run test-firefox


npm run test-phantomjs

Serve Examples:

npm run build

then visit


Why are you building with npm and not grunt, gulp, etc...?

The short anwser: I gave up trying to fit the square peg that is browserify into the round hole that is karma.

I came very close to getting browserify, grunt, karma and karma-coverage working together using karma-browserify-preprocessor, check out angular-browserify-seed. The problem is that karma-browserify-preprocessor appears to break when trying to add node packages that include other node packages. The more I tinkered with it and the larger my project got, the more difficulty I had.

I then resorted to formatting my modules so that they could be browserified for the final bundle, but tested without browserify, e.g.

/* istanbul ignore next */
if (typeof window === 'undefined' || !window._) { var _ = require('underscore'); }

function Bar() {

  this.get = function () {
    return 'bar ' + _.size({ one: 1, two: 2, three: 3 });


/* istanbul ignore next */
if (typeof module !== 'undefined' && module.exports) { module.exports = Bar; }

But... this is just really ugly, especially when you add lots of dependencies. And, the other problem was that I then had to manually add dependencies to karma.conf.js and a number of shims--an even uglier mess.

I also tried using karma-browserify, karma-browserifast, karma-commonjs and with all of them I had the show stopping problem that they did not support code coverage. Maybe someone will solve this problem in the future, but for now, I'm tired of messing around with my build enviornment and am ready to just move on with a proven structure.

So, I said forget it and decided to go with technologies that I've seen working before: plugin-seed.

Can things be improved? Ohhh yes, and I hope you'll help!


npm i browserify-npm-seed

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