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Verifies BrowserID assertion by using free verification service in

This library makes deploying BrowserID easy in node.js projects.

Plain standalone browserid verifier will be better method to implement BrowserID, but a stable one wasn't available when I wrote this library.

The example should be clear enough, but API is so simple that I will describe it.

var browserid_verify = require('browserid-service-verify');

var on_login = function (assertion, logged_in) {
        {"assertion": assertion, "audience": ""},
        function (verification) {
            logged_in(verification.status == "okay", verification);


browserid_verify(options, callback)

options should contain two parameters:

  • assertion the encoded assertion from client
  • audience the hostname and optional port of your site. The client-side MUST NOT be allowed fill this, for security reasons.

The verification will be returned by the callback. It is an ordinary browserid verification.