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A small set of generic test helpers for browser interaction tests.


var help = new BrowserTestHelpers()[, options])

Simulates a click event on the given element.

var button = document.querySelector('button'), { bubbles: false })

help.fillIn(element, value)

Fills in an field with the given value.

var input = document.querySelector('input')
help.fillIn(input, 'Testing')

help.triggerEvent(element, type[, options])

Triggers the type of event on the given element.

var input = document.querySelector('input')
help.triggerEvent(input, 'focus')

help.keyEvent(element, type[, options])

Triggers a KeyboardEvent on the given element.

var el = document.getElementById('bear')
help.keyEvent(el, 'keypress', { keyCode: 13, shiftKey: true })


(c) 2015 Kyle Robinson Young. MIT License