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Browser Test

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Browser test is in alpha phase... the intent is to provide the best possible out of the box testing experience for browsers (just firefox right now) with minimal magic and easy client interface so everyone can use their existing framework.

The basic workflow should look like this:

$ browser-test file.js
ok 1 start one
ok 2 start two
# PASSED: 2 
# FAILED: 0 

A fresh browser is created for each test (and currently only one test per invocation).


browser-test <file.js>

To be super useful you usually need an entrypoint html file which will glue the harness to your existing test framework for a complete entrypoint see /test/browser/entrypoint.html.

browser-test --entrypoint entrypoint.html test.js

For ease of use command line flags can be added to browser-test.opts and will be used for every invocation of browser-test in that directory.

Why this exists

The browser-test package is an early prototype of concepts I thought of as test-agent 2 (test-agent is the unit test runner used by FirefoxOS's gaia project).

The original test-agent had many features and used many levels of indirection to facilitate domain (as in level isolation of tests. Tests within the same domain (app) could effect another tests causing many intermittent test problems as our apps grew larger (and due to poorly written/leaky tests).

"Browser Test" handles things very differently:

  • One process for one file testing

    • While this model slows down a single test run modestly it does not greatly effect productivitity (500ms overhead or less) the overhead is offset by the garuentee that test can run in parallel.

    • The current implementation runs one-test per command only passing multiple tests will be ignored.

  • Loose "client" reporting instead of coupled adapters

    • really easy to write adapters for other frameworks but none intended to be directly bundled into the framework.


Build the project:

npm install

Test the project:

npm install
make test


npm i browser-test-dev

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