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Launch apps in full-screen mode from the Terminal. Currently Mac OS X only, patches welcome.


Install Node.js, then run

$ npm install -g browse


Six convenience commands are installed:

Google Chrome Canary

To launch Chrome Canary, run:

$ ca <location>

Google Chrome

To launch Chrome, run:

$ ch <location>


To launch Firefox, run:

$ ff <location>


To launch Safari, run:

$ sf <location>

Launch anything in full-screen

Run the command ccf (an applescript which sends the CMD+CTRL+f keystroke to the active application) following a regular open to switch it to full-screen mode:

$ open -a Calendar && ccf

Should an app have an additional full-screen mode shortcutted by CMD+Shift+f (as Chrome does), use:

$ open -a "Google Chrome" && csf

Tip. If an app is slow to load, give it chance to load fully by inserting a pause before running the keyboard shortcut:

$ ff && sleep 3 && csf