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Broccoli plugin that compiles ES6 modules along with npm dependencies into a single UMD bundle using Browserify. The plugin looks for the jsnext:main property in your package.json, compiles any ES6 modules to CommonJS modules, browserifies them, and saves the whole thing as single file based on the main property of the package.json.

For importing npm modules in your ES6 code, use the npm: prefix. For instance, if you wanted to use the RSVP promise library, you would import it like so:

import npmModule from 'npm:rsvp';
// Use regular syntax for local modules 
import myLocalModule from './lib/my-local-module';

This prefix, as well as the entire plugin, was inspired by ember-browserify.


Let's say your package.json looks something like this:

// package.json
  "name": "MyModule",
  "main": "exports/my-module.js",
  "jsnext:main": "lib/index.js",

Now just add this to your Brocfile:

var compileEs6 = require('broccoli-es6-npm-compiler');
var options = {
  globalName: 'MyLibrary',
  amdModuleId: 'MyLibrary'
var outputTree = compileEs6(options);

Yea, it's that simple. Using lib/index.js as the root ES6 module, the plugin will bundle your ES6 code into a file named my-module.js in the dist output folder when you run Broccoli.


globalName - Name of global module variable exported via UMD. In other words, window[globalName]. Defaults to name in package.json.

amdModuleId - Module ID of exported AMD module. If undefined, AMD module will be anonymous.